The Internet of Everything is finally breaking through to the public eye. In recent years, embedded systems have gotten massively popular, and have penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. From our games and televisions, to our thermostats and even our cars, the Internet of Everything is the new frontier of computing. 

Securing these systems and their networks is a main focus of our work. Our founder, Don A. Bailey, has given countless talks over the past five years on various IoT/IoE systems and their weaknesses. We have experience securing the hardware, firmware, network protocols, up-links, and back-end networks. 

Our team can assist with everything from threat modeling an in-development project, to auditing a systems in production. 

We've performed engagements in:

  • Telematics / Vehicle tracking
  • A-GPS
  • Energy / Critical Infrastructure
  • Games
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Home Automation

Interested in Lab Mice seeking out security holes in your existing product or project? Give us a shout via our contact page!