A Better Mouse Trap

The Lab Mouse Security motto is "A Better Mouse". Why? Smarter mice know how to build a better mouse trap. 

Our consultants have decades of experience identifying security risks in software, firmware, hardware, and even network protocols. Our founder, Don A. Bailey, has even uncovered vulnerabilities so difficult to find that they have been hidden for over 15 years!

We use our expertise to create time and cost effective security engagements for our customers. An engagement with Lab Mouse will result in practical security metrics, executive-level overviews, and easy to use remediation strategies.

As the public's knowledge of and demand for security and privacy grows, engineering costs increase. Investing in security today will reduce long term engineering costs while reducing the company's risk of exposure to threats. Let Lab Mouse help maintain your customer's confidence in your products and your company by eradicating potential threats!  

Lab Mouse Security: A Better Mouse!

Upcoming Events

  • ambdaConf 2016; Speaker
  • Samsung Developer's Conference 2016; Speaker
  • GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016; Speaker

Past Events

  • 44Con, London 2014: Speaker
  • Black Hat, Las Vegas 2014: Round Table Leader
  • DEFCON, Las Vegas 2014: r00tz and Hack Demo
  • Internet of Things, Las Vegas 2014: Speaker
  • HITB Haxpo, Amsterdam 2014: Speaker
  • Duo Security Tech Talks, Ann Arbor 2014: Speaker
  • Private Event, Detroit Auto Show 2014: Speaker
  • Nordic Security Conference, Reykjavik 2013: Speaker
  • 44Con, London 2013: Speaker
  • Black Hat Europe, Amsterdam 2013: Speaker

Offense-Based Services

Offense Services

The Lab Mouse team offers offense-oriented services to our clients. We identify common and bleeding-edge risks in development-stage projects, or products in production. White box, black box, and red team services are poised to launch!

Research and Development

R & D

Lab Mouse's team is known for identifying critical and nearly-impossible-to-find vulnerabilities. We also strive to innovate in the security industry by identifying new methods for vulnerability discovery as well as remediation and mitigation. 

Defense-Based Services

Defensive Services

Building a security practice and enhancing the engineering life cycle is imperative for modern technology. Let us help you identify gaps in your engineering process to minimize risk to your products, business, and even your clients.